Monday, April 10, 2006

Writing about Ruby

I've got a few things that I'm working on right now, and I wanted to list them here -- both to get feedback and to push myself a little bit (it always seems easier to finish something I've already promised to get done).

I'm doing an interview with an up and coming member of the Ruby community. I'm hoping to get it published at O'Reilly, but if worse comes to worse I can always publish it here. Is there someone in the Ruby world that you'd like to see interviewed? Drop me a line

I'm putting together a set of book reviews about Ruby books for Linux Journal. It looks like I'll need to write one or two more sets before the end of summer at the rate books are coming out.

There's also a lot of stuff going on the in the Ruby community that I'm trying to fit into my next column. This time around, I'm also going to be writing about profiling and optimization. Some of the things on my list to cover in upcoming columns are:

  • Rake
  • Ruby Gems
  • the Ruby Programming Shop
  • Mr. GUID
What should I be adding to my list?

Also, it looks like one of my RubyQuiz submissions has been selected as an upcoming RubyQuiz. This will be the second time I've had a quiz run. I'm pretty psyched.

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