Friday, May 26, 2006

Catching Wrox Doing the Right Thing

A bit ago, I blogged about Apress doing the write thing at the MindCamp in St Louis. This time it's Wrox's turn to be praised — Jim Minatel wrote about the Atlanta CodeCamp on his blog. On thing that caught my eye (and I think reinforces my point about community being important) was that not only did they have authors speaking at it, but "[they]'ve actually got a pretty exciting project [they] worked on with code camp to unveil on in a week or two."

That's the way it oughta be. Congrats to Jim and all the folks at Wrox who made it happen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat! I'm still working out the last couple of site details for the project that will emerge from Atlanta Code camp so I hope to have the announcement soon. This kind of stuff makes work fun.