Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's up with RWB?

I didn't have any luck finding a new owner for RWB, but it turned out that something even better was about to happen. There were a lot of things I'd wanted to do with RWB to make it really useful. I just didn't have the time to sit down and get them done. Since no one was interested in taking it over, I've been trying to make the decision between letting it die (not my favorite option) or finding time to get stuff done on it (not really pleasant either).

I'd basically decided to cut back on a couple of other things so that I could push RWB ahead slowly, when Zed announced RFuzz. there seemed to be a lot of overlap, so I dropped Zed a line seeing if he were interested in harvesting the good parts (ideas mostly) from RWB for use in RFuzz.

This merger turned out to align quite well with what Zed was hoping to do with RFuzz anyway, so RWB's future is set — it has none. RFuzz will be the project to use if you want to do capacity, load, or fuzz testing of web applications with Ruby.

I hope to contribute to RFuzz (even if only a little bit). Even more though, I want to see RFuzz run with the ideasI had for RWB and become the kind of web server/webproxy testing tool the community really needs. Once again, I'm left saying: "Go Zed!"

RWB is dead! Long live RFuzz!

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