Monday, August 28, 2006

Ruby training from Pune Ruby

The Pune Ruby Users Group (the ones producing the run of short interviews with a lot of Ruby folks) are going to be hosting an on-line Introduction to Ruby class. I took a quick look at the syllabus, and it looks pretty comprehensive. It doesn't include any Rails content, but the instructor said he was planning on setting up a similar class for Rails.

I think this class is probably a good opportunity for some folks to learn more about Ruby, but it's a couple of other things too. It's a good chance to develop some free, reusable training materials for Ruby (and Rails if that second class works out). It will also be a good indicator of the demand for (and marketability of) Internet based Ruby training (and by extrapolation classroom based Ruby training.)

Whether you're looking to learn more about Ruby, brush up on your Ruby skills, or get a feel for the Ruby training market, this is something worth looking into.

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Anonymous said...

can you send me complete information about training.such as timeing and fees also place where traning can be conducted.basically i m stay in mumbai.Please mail me all detail on following mail address