Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reading a New (to me) Blog, and a Ruby Love Fest

I think I've found a new favorite blog ... But Uncle Bob. I know, I should've been following it more closely all along — but I've just caught the bug recently.

Believe it or not, my interest was piqued by a recent non-Ruby post he made (about profiling before optimizing), not his recent spate of pro-Ruby posts.

In fact, he's quite pro-Ruby recently, check it out:

The energy and creativity in the Ruby space is enormous. It makes the Java/.Net space look stodgy by comparison. This energy and creativity has traditionally been the precursor to the revolutions that have taken place in our industry.Joel on Ruby
95% of all web applications probably could, and should, be done in Ruby now.Joel on Ruby
(In a comment about refactoring in Ruby) I was able to break through the fear and start refactoring. And, so far, it really hasn't been very difficult. I've been able to keep my tests passing without any horrible hicoughs. But, WOW, the backpressure in my own head was astounding.Refactoring Paralysis

I also noticed a couple of Dave Astels quotes in the comments of Refactoring Paralysis that just add to the pro-Ruby current that flows through that page:

Don't get me wrong.. I'm a huge fan of refactoring tools in Java and C#. I'm just not convinced they are needed as much for Ruby. They would be useful ... but it's not as important as some people think. And it wasn't that long ago that I was one of those people.
I find myself refactoring in Ruby as fluidly using TextMate as I did with Eclipse or IDEA in Java.. moreso maybe because it's faster...
Working in Ruby is fundamentally different at a philosophical level.

Mmmmm, I love the smell of a Ruby love fest.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you meant he was 'quite' pro-Ruby, not 'quit' pro-Ruby...


gnupate said...

yes, I did. Corrected, thanks.