Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We Have a Winner (for January)

Well, after much reading and deliberation, we have a winner!

Jason, Jarkko, and I sat down and read all the entries from the January blogging contest — "How has Rails made me a better programmer". There were a lot of great entries, and some very fun writing styles. We each rated all the posts, giving them a score of 0-3 (more points is better). Then we combined our scores and took the top five to deliberate over.

The winning entry was: How Rails made me a better programmer by Christian Neukirchen. If you haven't read the other entries, they're worth a look.

Chris has already chosen his prize:

Good looking stuff. If you're interested in picking up some free books for yourself, why not try your hand at this month's challenge, "How has Ruby blown or stretched my mind?"? All you need to do, is write a blog post, and post a link to it in the comments of the contest page.

I'd really like to thank Jarkko and Jason for helping me judge this contest; Apress for providing the prizes; and, especially, everyone who participated in January and so far in February — this series of contests just wouldn't work without you.