Friday, March 02, 2007

February's Contest Winner

This month, we (the judges) were a little bit more on the ball, but that doesn't mean our job was any easier. With eighteen entries (and one that was too late), we had a lot of quality writing to work through.

Each judge read every entry and assigned it a ranking of 3 (the best) through 1 (umm, not the best?). I then tallied the scores (the top eight entries were separated by 2 points — one with 9, two with 8, and five with 7), and we had a clear winner. Last month, there were several entries tied at the top, so we went back through the top scorers and re-rated them to select the best entry in January.

After our scoring, we ended up choosing Gabe da Silveira's Ruby Blocks as Closures. I've sent Gabe an email asking about which books we should be sending out.

So, go read this month's winning entry (heck, leave Gabe a message of congratulations while you're at it). Then, take a look at the other entries and see what you think. Feel free to drop a omment here with your thoughts when you're done.

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