Friday, April 27, 2007

NetBeans Gets AutoTest Support

Not to long ago, I sent Tor an email asking if autotest support was in the plans for NetBeans. Tor has always seemed responsive to user requests, but I didn’t hold out a lot of hope since I admitted to being an emacs user and not too likely to switch over to NetBeans even if it did support autotest. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was wrong.

It looks like Tor and the other Ruby/NetBeans folks have done a bang up job of supporting testing: Test::Unit, RSpec, and AutoTest are all supported (if you install the RSpec and ZenTest gems). They’ve even built this support into a ‘Goto Test’ function.

The editor context menu has a “Goto Test” action which lets you jump quickly between a class and its corresponding test cases. This action is aware of Rails conventions, RSpec conventions, ZenTest conventions and obviously Test::Unit conventions. It is bound to Ctrl-Shift-E on the Mac; check your context menu to see the keybinding on your system.


The AutoTest support also features hyperlinks from failed tests to the implementation code. Check out their screenshot:

A screenshot of NetBeans and AutoTest

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