Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Last Month

The last month at work (and at home) has been a killer. We just crossed our big deadline, and things look good for a production release in a month or so. I’ve been involved in a Prom (for my daughter); 3 campouts and two hikes (with the scouts); starting an Erlang group here in Provo; rediscovering my love of soccer (or futbol); and fielding a contact from a TV studio about a possible project. Sadly, the next couple of weeks look pretty full too. This hasn’t left me much time time to blog about some things that really deserve it.

Gregory Brown and company have made a 1.0 release of Ruport. This is a huge step forward for them. They’ve been working really hard, and deserve some huge congratulations.

The XRuby has also cut a new release. It sounds like they’re making some good progress as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what their ANTLR 3.0 project accomplishes during the Summer of Code.

Beginning Google Maps Applications with Rails and Ajax is a nice, new Ruby bookbook from Apress. I’m trying to find enough time to read it and write up a review that will do it justice.

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