Friday, November 30, 2007

Ruby Tool Survey

Okay, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and convert over to layouts so that I can include a weekly (or so) poll here. I’ve just put up the first one, sort of an extension to the one Tim Bray did a recently (not that mine is any more scientific). Hopefully enough people will fill it out that this little experiment will prove worthwhile.

I’ve got several ideas for upcoming surveys, but I’d love to read suggestions if you’d care to leave ‘em in the comments.

Update: I felt badly enough about not including flog that I've written a little post about how to use it


Wilson said...

Hopefully you will get enough responses to see something interesting via this survey.

I suggest that you add Flog to the list, however:

gnupate said...

I'd add it if I could, but since people are already voting I can't add any responses.

Keith Fahlgren said...

Every time I've visited this post it's said the same thing:

"""Oops... Polls are currently not available, please come back later."""

gnupate said...

Keith, that's very strange. I've not seen any problems with it, and we're over 100 voters now. How many times have you tried?

Keith Fahlgren said...

Ah, it just wasn't playing nicely with FlashBlock 1.5 in Firefox. I've taken it using Safari instead.