Monday, December 31, 2007

Rubinius on JRuby

It looks like the JRuby guys are getting serious about running Rubinius on their platform:

"I added the minimum dependencies needed to get it rbx building and running bin/ci the same with JRuby" Charles Nutter

They're not all the way there yet, Charles reports that he's still hitting failure at the end of the build. It's getting closer though, and with the history of cooperation the Rubinius and JRuby teams have built I believe they'll have this licked soon enough.


Charles Oliver Nutter said...

Just to clarify, this step is only to make Rubinius buildable when running Rake under JRuby. It was determining the order in which to load dependencies partially based on MRI hash ordering, so I added explicit dependencies to get it all building correctly. This is still just building Rubinius as a standlone implementation, though it could eventually help running Rubinius on JVM.

And the remaining build issue was solved earlier today; a few files in Rubinius were not up-to-date, and with that corrected JRuby+Rake can build Rubinius as well as MRI+Rake.

gnupate said...

Thanks for the correction and for the update. A Jruby bootstrapped Rubinius just sounds really cool.