Friday, January 04, 2008

Ruby In Practice Blogging Contest

Manning has been kind enough to offer up a free MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) copy of Ruby in Practice as a prize for this month’s blogging contest.

Since Jeremy and Assaf are writing about practical Ruby use, I’d like to hear what you guys are doing with Ruby. Write up your Ruby In Practice adventures, post them on your blog, then drop a link in the comments here, and you could win. You can enter as often as you’d like.

I’ll accept entries until midnight (Mountain time) on January 31st. Then Jeremy, Assaf, and I will take some time to review the entries and announce the winner. Good luck!

You can also read my interview with Jeremy and Assaf.


Anonymous said...

Here is my practical experience:

Kind Regards.

Anonymous said...

my expericences are here:

np said...

Marcos Ricardo said...

Hi Pate,

And about this contest ?

It don't take off ?


Anonymous said...

any update on the result of this contest?

gnupate said...

"any update on the result of this contest?"

Sorry, the authors and I haven't been able to clear the time to pick a winner and award the prize.