Friday, March 07, 2008

EY HackFest at MWRC!

Some time ago, I told you that one of the sponsors was planning to do something pretty cool, and I think you’ll agree that they’ve done it in spades:

Engine Yard will be hosting a 24/7 Hackfest at MWRC 08’ – we’ve got a killer suite at the Hilton, expert developers of all varieties, and an open door policy. Hacking, Talking, TV watching, whatever – there’ll be good company, food and drinks, and a great space to hang. More details to follow closer to the conference – see you there…

the Engine Yard blog.

There are a lot of other great reasons to come too. But, there’s just over one week left to register.

Registration is going pretty well. We’ve registered folks from as far away as Norway and New Zealand, not to mention people from all over the USA. There are still seats left though, so if you’d like to come out and spend some time with a lot of great Rubyists don’t was any time … come on over and get your seats.

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James Britt said...

Really good news. I'm looking for to this.

Thanks again for the great work in getting this together