Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Concurrent Programming with Erlang/OTP - an early look

I just got an early look of the first five chapters of "Concurrent Programming With Erlang/OTP" from Manning. At first glance, this looks like a great book to get started with. The book's home page claims:
This hands-on guide is perfect for readers just learning Erlang or for those who want to apply their theoretical knowledge of this powerful language. You'll delve into the Erlang language and OTP runtime by building several progressively more interesting real-world distributed applications. Once you are competent in the fundamentals of Erlang, the book takes you on a deep dive into the process of designing complex software systems in Erlang.
So far, the chapters I've seen are still in the shallow end of the pool, but I think they hold a great deal of promise. I can't wait to see the later chapters in the book. I've been talking with Manning about doing some interviews with the authors. Post your questions here, and I'll ask the best of them.

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David Richards said...

So, I've been looking at this book, and I'd like to understand the differences between this book and the Pragmatic Erlang book. We go through just one OTP app in the pragmatic book, and it skips enough details that it doesn't really give us more than 10% of the view of what we need to understand. Basically, I'm very curious about how deep they're willing to go here.