Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now that RubyConf 2008 is over ...

Ok, RubyConf 2008 is over (and I missed all the fun). Besides reading (or writing) about all the awesome presentations and the incredible hallway session, what should we be doing? Let me pitch two simple ideas that will help spread the joy that RubyConf brings.
  1. Come back to your local Ruby Brigade and share the wealth. Tell people what you learned and why it's important. Even better, start building on what you learned and share that knowledge too. Record your meetings and post the audio/video, or write about them at your blog. This is a great chance to share and build on the vision that you caught while you were in Orlando.
  2. Put together a proposal for your local Regional Conference. There's too much intellectual value in the community to keep it all bottled up. Whether you're planning on going to GoRuCo, the Ruby Hoedown, Ruby Fringe, MWRC, or some other conference nearer and dearer to your hear, you can make it better by getting involved.
Neither of these is all that hard. Give one (or both) of them a try. You and your fellow rubyists will be glad that you did.

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