Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A 'Ruby Best Practices' Blogging Contest

Update: Due to the holiday press, Gregory and I will not be able to judge this until early 2009. That means everyone has an extra two weeks or so to submit an entry. We'll close up submissions on Jan 9, and announce the awards on the 13th.

Okay, best practices are a good thing, and Gregory Brown's upcoming Ruby Best Practices looks like it's going to be a good book. The question is "Are your best practices good for Ruby?".

O'Reilly has offered up two free 'tokens' for free rough cut access to Gregory's book for me to give away. Gregory and I talked about how we could best use them and decided to run a quick contest. We'd like to have you write up a blog post about a best practice that you've used with another language, or in another community, and how it would translate into Ruby. Talk about why it would help the Ruby community, or talk about why we should avoid it. Then, come back here and post a link in the comments below.

Be interesting, be controversial, but be quick. Gregory and I would like to award our two prizes before December 19th so that you can claim your rough cut before the end-of-December holiday of your choice.


Eric D. Schabell said...

Being a fan of this site, I could not let this pass without a submission:


My little best practice that I take where ever and with what ever I code with. ;-)

Daniel Berger said...

Here's a good one from Jamis Buck about exceptions:


Anonymous said...

I missed that there even was a contest!


Roger Pack said...

re it is
LOL (mostly a joke)