Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Road Trip

In December, we heard that the Sahpeech chapter was going to hold a Fellowship with a Brotherhood ceremony in Gunnison on January 2-3. Since we had an Ordeal candidate and a Brotherhood candidate just waiting for the opportunity, we decided to take a road trip.

On Friday afternoon, we packed up our gear (and lots of warm clothes) and dinner to eat on the road, and we headed off. The youth talked about scouting, movies, and the things they'd done over Christmas break, then they settled in to a discussion of the OA and upcoming chapter events.

We weren't the only travellers at the fellowship. There were two young men from the Nez Pierce chapter, two young men and an adult from the Sioux chapter, and one from the Todebeda Cheda Toonle chapter down in St. George. It was pretty cool to see arrowmen and candidates from all over the lodge.

The candidates, elangomats, and other arrowmen present put in a lot of service. We cleaned an elementary school from top to bottom, mounted a bunch of video projectors on classroom ceilings, and shoveled a lot of snow to clear the elementary school and nearby High School. We even retired a flag while we were there.

Before wrapping this up I'd like to welcome Ian, our newest Ordeal member, and congratulate Mike, our newest Brotherhood member. Mike's also the Ordealmaster for our upcoming May Fellowship and he's looking for elangomats to serve there, if you're interested please send an email to and I'll pass your name and contact information along to him.

Thanks to the Sahpeech arrowmen for all the work and planning you put into this.

Oops, somehow I managed to post this to the wrong blog ... oh well. If you're interested in my scouting and OA activities, have fun with it. If not ... just ignore it and I'll post something more pertinent to 'On Ruby' early this week.

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