Thursday, May 14, 2009

RubyNation Mini-Interview: Aaron Bedra

RubyNation (June 11-13 in Reston, VA) is coming up pretty quickly. I'm running a series of mini-interviews with speakers and organizers there to help people get a feel for what RubyNation is going to be like. So far, I've interviewed Hal Fulton, Russ Olsen, and Gray Herter.

This time, I'm talking with Aaron Bedra (@abedra). Aaron's talking about rcov and Ruby 1.9. I think it's going to be an awfully interesting talk.

If you're interested in getting more that this little taste, I'd recommend that you go register soon. I don't think the seats are going to last long.

What makes regional Ruby conferences special?

Aaron A smaller, more intimate setting always creates a unique atmosphere and encourages everyone to get involved. This usually leads to a higher level of interaction and some really fun hacking sessions. This, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing a smaller conference can offer.

Other than your own talk, what are you most interested in seeing at RubyNation this year?

Aaron I am very interested in attending David Black's Ruby 1.9 talk as well as finding out what's coming in Rails 3 from Yehuda.

Rcov is an awesome tool for Ruby, how did you get involved with it?

Aaron I got involved with Rcov last summer when Chad Humphries (@spicycode) pulled the project into Github to work on some fixes related to the recently released Rails 2.1. After getting involved with the project, it just seemed natural to keep helping and pushing the project towards compatibility with Ruby 1.9.

What other tools should people be looking at for improving their Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 code?

Aaron The most important practice anyone can use is peer review. If you don't have a person to sit with you, make sure you put your code up on Github and let others give you feedback. As far as actual development tools are concerned I like to include Flog in my applications, as well as Safe-ERB and Tarantula in my Rails applications.

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