Saturday, September 16, 2006

Legion Improving

I've been doing a bit of tinkering with Legion and it's already showing improvements. I've also found my first victim, err, volunteer to help get more tests running. Best of all though, Legion has found a couple of issues that can be directly addressed (one of them already has).

Improvements first: I've added another library (Ruport) to the test suite, and added the Ruby 1.9 CVS tree to implementations. The new test results look like this:

ruby ran 730 tests with 2452 assertions in 17.178 seconds.
There were 0 failures and 23 errors.
The average time per assert was 0.007 seconds.

ruby-1.9 ran 188 tests with 819 assertions in 4.549 seconds.
There were 1 failures and 7 errors.
The average time per assert was 0.006 seconds.

ruby-yarv ran 596 tests with 1425 assertions in 12.055 seconds.
There were 3 failures and 146 errors.
The average time per assert was 0.008 seconds.

jruby ran 578 tests with 1987 assertions in 96.666 seconds.
There were 29 failures and 16 errors.
The average time per assert was 0.049 seconds.
Now I need to work on some tools to drill down from this. (I can do so by hand, but I'd like to automate it.) If you've got ideas about what kinds of reports you'd like to see, let me know.

I got an email from Ben Bleything offering to help. If anyone else is interested, I'd like to get the conversation going this coming week (18-24 Sep). Drop me an email, or leave me a comment.

While I was adding Ruport, Legion identified a (really minor) problem. Gregory Brown has already fixed it.

I've fixed this in trunk and stable, revision 211. Legion is already helping out! :)
w00t! It also looks like Enumerator still needs to be built into JRuby. I'm not sure if it was on the list yet, but I've reported it to the developers mailing list to make sure.

I still have a lot of cleanup to go to get this really useful, but it's getting there.


Anonymous said...

What about multiruby?

gnupate said...

I've thought about it, but haven't looked at it hard enough to know what's involved in making it work yet. It's on my list of probable additions/fixes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there an open repository where I can access the current legion release? I'm working on darwin and want to run some tests from my libs against other ruby implementations.

gnupate said...

Legion's not really ready for release yet. For testing a single library, multiruby is a great tool. It's in ZenTest, from Eric Hodel and zenspider.