Tuesday, April 10, 2007

March Blogging Contest Winner

March's contest had the lowest turnout of any of the contests so far — even April's has almost generated as many entries. That didn't mean it was any less difficult to pick a winner though. There were four top flight entries:

  • one from Sean Hussey
  • one from Jeremy McAnally
  • and two from Phillip Toland (here and here)

I rally liked all of the entries, but Phillip's entries stood out. In fact, we had a hard time picking between them. In the end, we decided to pick him as the winner and to give credit to both of his posts. One thing that Phillip wrote summed up my thoughts about the contest. At the end of his article about Implementing Django's modular app feature, he wrote:

"New and experimental features can be distributed and evaluated by the Rails community at large without needing approval or acceptance from the core team. Some functionality may even be better implemented in plugins than in the core framework."
If this contest has made you think about how Rails might be better, I'd suggest you follow Phillip's suggestion and put together a plugin and some documentation — who knows you might just write the next big thing for Rails.

Phillip picked three great Apress books:

I'd like to thank Apress again for sponsoring these contests. They've been wonderful to work with through the first three months, and I look forward to the next three contests.

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Sean said...

Congrats, Phil! 2 fantastic posts.