Friday, June 01, 2007

June Blogging Contest

June brings us to the sixth, and final, month of the On Ruby/Apress blogging contest. It’s been a great ride, and I’d like to thank the fine folks at Apress for making it happen.

This month, David Berube, author of Practical Ruby gems, will be our guest judge. In honor of David’s book, I wanted to close things out with a Ruby Gems theme:

“Other than Rails, what is your favorite Ruby Gem, and why?”

Write a blog entry about your favorite gem. Tell the world what it’s good for and how to use it and drop a URL in the comments below. If we think you’ve written te winning entry, you’ll get three Apress books of your choice. Simple as that.

Can’t narrow it down to just one gem? No problem, you can enter more than once. Already entered and can’t think of anything to do? Come back and read the other entries—who knows, you just might find that gem that you’ve been looking for.

Good luck, and get writing!


Anonymous said...

My Favourite Ruby Gem is Dr Nic's Magic Models.

Stu said...

not sure how blogger does trackbacks but my minor small post is here