Monday, March 09, 2009

My Best Functional Programming Posts

What's this? A page about Functional Programming languages at On Ruby? Well, I've written about a number of non Ruby topics here, and there's enough FP stuff to warrant it's own page.

At one point, I also ran the On Erlang blog. I've decided to merge all of my computer related posts into On Ruby to keep myself sane.

I've looked mostly at Scala, Haskell and Erlang, with news, book reviews, and interviews about both. There's some OCaml stuff coming as well.

If you're a Rubyist looking to expand your horizons, there's probably something here for you. If you don't care about Ruby at all, don't let the blog's name scare you away.

I've probably done the most work in the Erlang community. I'm a pure beginner when it comes to writing Erlang code, but I like a lot of what I've seen and read. The community itself is especially nice. Here are some of my best (or most popular) posts about Erlang:

I've spent a little time learning more Haskell. The language intrigues me and the community is pretty strong as well.:

Scala is a nice looking language that lives on the JVM. I've done some interviews with Scala book authors. I think I'll be getting some additional posts here soon.:

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