Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ruby Book Posts Collection

I've written a number of reviews and author/editor interviews about Ruby books over the years. Since it can be hard to find them, or to sort out the really good stuff, I thought it would be good to pull them all together into a single place. This should to find the best stuff about the best books. I'm hoping it will make it easy for me to keep this page up to date as well.

Ruby Best Practices:

Practical Ruby Projects:

Troubleshooting Ruby Processes:

Ruby Refactoring Workbook:

Data Visualization With Ruby:

Ruby In Practice:

Design Patterns In Ruby:

I'm sure I missed some, what other posts do you think belong here? What other Ruby books should I be looking at? I'll be keeping an eye on the comments, and will come up with a fun way to reward contributors.

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