Friday, June 02, 2006

Free to a Good Home: r43

r43 is the most stable of the projects that I need to give up. It implements nearly all of the 43 Things API (it doesn't handle the posting related methods), and has a comprehensive test suite (98.2% of the code is covered by the test suite according to rcov) — although I sometimes run into problems with methods in the API breaking on the server side.

A good first step for the new maintainer of r43 would be to audit the package against the 43 Things servers, and cut a 1.0 release. This could be followed with development of the posting functionality, and/or some general refactoring and the development of user level docs. At one point, we were going to develop some Rails tools to use r43, this could be a good project too.

Are you interested in taking on r43? Add a comment below telling me what you'd like to do with it. This could be a great introduction to managing a Free Software project for the right developer.


Adam Keys said...

I'd started on a 43 Things interface, but then stopped when I saw the r43 gem. It would be fun to pick this up as I already have some experience with the API.

A neat direction to take this would be to make it really easy to add social functionality to an application by hooking into 43 Things.

gnupate said...

if you already have some experience with the 43 Things API, you're probably an ideal candidate to take this over. Have you used r43 yet? If not, you probably want to install it and take it for a spin.