Wednesday, June 28, 2006

UtahValley.rb meeting -- June 27th

We enjoyed a pretty good meetig last night. Lots of talk about RubyConf:

  • Should we carpool, fly, or take the train together?
  • Should we plan on splitting a couple of rooms so we can hack together at the conference?
  • Will we even be able to get one of the 240 seats?
We also talked about OSCon/FOScon, covering a lot of the same ground (although the questions were more about can we afford to go). Once we chewed through all of that, we sat down to some group hacking.

We worked through the current RubyQuiz, going test first. It was pretty fun, and everyone got involved. I shot a video of the whole thing. Tonight, I plan on checking the quality to see if it's worth pushing up to Google.

Summer can be a hard time for Ruby Brigades, since there's so much else going on. Hopefully having fun meetings every month, even if they're lightly attended, will help us recapture our momentum when Fall comes and the students all come back.

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