Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Future of RailsConf

After a hugely successful RailsConf this year, I've seen an interesting note about next year's. O'Reilly will be co-producing it with Ruby Central (according to gnat).

I wonder if this will bleed over into RailsConfEurope and RubyConf as well, and if it does how that will affect those conferences. This year's RubyConf is still going to be capped at 240 attendees according to my sources (I'm gussing there will be a registration stampede). This should keep it a nice cozy event, but might force some adaptions. I'm really hopeful that it will push more Ruby Brigades (or groups of them) to host local Ruby Conferences.


gnupate said...

I'd love for Boise.rb to help host regional Ruby conference. Perhaps we could pool our resources for a Pac West or Rockies Ruby Con/Conf.

Actually, you guys came up in our utahvalley.rb meeting the other night as a group we might work with to do something for in the Intermountain West. Getting Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, and Portland all involved would be incredibly awesome.

When I was in Seattle we (the Seattle.rb) tried to run a joint hackfest with pdx.rb and the Vancouver (BC) Ruby Group, but met with limited success. I think we could do better if we tried again.

Although Denver is so close that it feels like a regional conference. :)

It sure does. How are you Boise.rb uys planning on getting there?

Anonymous said...

grandrapids.rb is working on putting together a little one-day Ruby conference in Michigan in August. Details are still sketchy, but David A. Blak and Pat Eyler are lined up as presenters.

gnupate said...

I was actually thinking about this (and the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference) when I posted it. I hadn't seen that there was a web page up, or I'd have blogged about it earlier.

-pate (Pat Eyler)

Anonymous said...
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